New Partnership with NAAG

Angels of Hope Joins Together With Never Alone Again

In keeping with our commitment to women’s health, the Angels of Hope Foundation is beginning another phase in our mission.   We are partnering with Never Alone Again Domestic Violence Organization, based in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Never Alone Again provides programs, services, information and education to help women and families that are in need, get to a safe place.   From there, they provide the resources needed for transitioning into an abuse free environment, while becoming self-sufficient.  To learn more about the support services provided at Never Alone Again, we urge you to visit their website at

We thank you for your continued commitment and support and we invite you to please join us.

Partnership With Planned Parenthood

Partnership With Planned Parenthood

The Angels of Hope Foundation stands strongly behind a Women’s right to Choice”

Angels of Hope Friends and Supporters:

Eleven years ago, we began our mission, to try, in any way we can, to ease the stress women go through in their treatment for Cancer. Through your dedication and support, that project is a “SUCCESS”.

Now, we are beginning another phase in our mission. The Angels of Hope Foundation has partnered with Planned Parenthood of Greater Northern and Central New Jersey, to do all we can to help them. We will apply the same model we do for all women and encourage them to be responsible for their health care. These women are the working poor, who for no reason of their own, have no health care. They rely on Planned Parenthood for their preventative and reproductive care and Planned Parenthood provides it for them. Dedicated staff sees to all their needs, no matter what. If not for Planned Parenthood, there would be no options for these women. Planned Parenthood’s goal is “Care. No matter what”.

So, off we go on another journey for all women and we hope you will continue to support our mission. All the funds we raise go directly to patient care for women. We are all

volunteers, who gladly give our time to help others.

Thank you,

Lynn White





Lynn White

Founder & President


Please click on the link to gain more information on the services provided.

Please visit our photo gallery to see the results of our Planned Parenthood Renovation Projects.

Planned Parenthood – Elizabeth Facility Renovations

Before and After Photos